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 +====== Welcome ======
 +===== Ilminster Parish Hall =====
 +{{ :​rjt29221757x600.jpg?​300|}} Ilminster Parish Hall formally St Mary's Hall was purchased from the Church by the Trustees in 1994. It's run for the benefit of the people of Ilminster and surrounding area.
 +It provides a superb facility which has been completely modernised in the past few years with the help of the Gooches Trust and lottery and Town Council grants.
 +The hall is well equipped and able to host a wide range of activities whether it's large spacious dance area (reputedly the finest dance floor in Somerset) or using the fully equipped kitchen.  ​
 +The hall is available for hire at these times:
 +|Monday|12.00 until 6.30pm|
 +|Thursday|12.00 until 6pm|
 +|Friday|All day and evening|
 +We also have a Committee room available for up to 20 persons.
 +Rates: £8.00 per hour for the hall hire and £5.00 per hour for the Committee room.
 +Please contact our booking clerk if you require any further assistance [[]] ​